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About us

Today, ICO is an innovative financial model, outranking in popularity and flexibility traditional methods of financing. However, because of the lack of strict legislative control, the market is rich in offers which are nothing but scam, bubble, phishing resulting in its participants’ loss of monetary funds and crypto assets.

Over the last three years, the ICO tool has become breeding grounds for international fraudulent syndicate. Hundreds of thousands people have been cheated and lost their funds. Founders of fraudulent schemes escape punishment. The lack of regulatory framework and information letsthem get away with committed crimes.

We are here to provide legal and information support to the affected investors. Creation of a problem-oriented resource is a starting point in the fight against fraudsters.

Nowadays, information exchange and class action lawsuits are the real legal instrument with the help of which we, British legal agents, intend to strive for refund and bringing fraudsters to justice in accordance with the current legislation.