ICO or pre-ICO? Which is safer to invest?

In order to reduce the network load and to increase the sum of investments, a pre-ICO becomes more and more popular among the companies. At the same time, the chance that the project will turn out to be fraudulent increases.

11 steps of the safe investments by the USA financial regulators

Regulators constantly face the investments in the course of their work. Therefore, they have developed the point of view on the safe way to make investments in projects over time.

Understanding ICO Means Distribution is Protection Against Scam

In order not to fall victim of swindlers, it is necessary to understand the concept of distribution of funds raised through initial coin offering (ICO).

Why IEO is a guardian against scam-projects

A huge number of scam-ICOs forced the community to look for a new tool for funds attraction. One of those tools is an initial exchange offering (IEO) in which the reputation of a cryptocurrency exchange acts as a guarantor of funds protection.

10 questions to identify a scam-ICO

While funding in an ICO, it is important to receive answers to the questions which could clear up all the investment risks and to learn what a team is ready to offer for minimization of those risks.

How to protect the means from a scam with escrow?

To grant the use of investors’ funds for implementation of the project or the return of the funds due to the non-compliance with obligations by a team, one should appeal to an escrow agent.

How to define whether an ICO-team is scammers?

In order to reveal the scam-project one should study the history, competence, personal and cultural features of each member of the team. If they do not correspond to each other and to the purposes of the project, it will appear scam with a 90% chance.

The types of scam-projects

There are three types of scam-projects. Those types are initially fraudulent projects, torn-off-from-reality projects, and projects manipulating investors.

Why are STO and SAFT tokens the main weapon against scam-projects?

The new financial instruments, such as Security Token Offerings (STO) and Safe Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT), reducing risks of investment into a blockchain project