Regulators constantly face the investments in the course of their work. Therefore, they have developed the point of view on the safe way to make investments in projects over time. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in association with the SEC’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy (OIEA) have prepared the recommendations for investors which will allow them to make effective and, which is more important, safe investments in projects.

In order to study the features of an investment choice, the specialists of SEC and OIEA conducted the survey among investors. The main issue is whether they are ready for a financial future or not: do the investors have a financial plan and strategy of work with savings? In order to help investors, OIEA has prepared the check-list with the points for more effective investments.

  1. Check out the free functions and the information about investing on the website
  2. Define your financial purposes.
  3. Create the investment plan and the plan of work with savings, which should be designed on the basis of financial purposes.
  4. Define the primary purposes of the investment.
  5. Design the scheme of savings formation and payment of contribution.
  6. Address the to check the authenticity of the chosen ways of the investment and professionalism of the specialists.
  7. Define the risks of the strategy.
  8. Consider all the nuances of the investments due to the chosen strategy.
  9. Analyze the investment expenses and their influence on the expected income.
  10. Analyze your portfolio constantly in order to prevent risks.
  11. It’s better to avoid the proposals which are too promising.

In addition, the head of SEC Jay Clayton has created a set of video-advices for investors, in which he shares his experience.