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About Check-Car (CCR) Scam ICO

This is a first decentralized blockchain platform for the market of diagnostics and selection of cars around the world! Check-Car.io is a service solving all market problems by using Blockchain and Smart Contracts Technologies.



Check-Car (CCR) Reviews (12)

  • Aanya Venkatesan

    4 months ago

    😡 😠 🤬

    ➡️ SCAM ⬅️

  • Muhammad Dasgupta

    4 months ago

    something like this!

    I hate them and advise everyone of the same.

  • Arun Rao

    4 months ago


    scam Stole a lot of money from investors ICO

  • Baber Shetty

    4 months ago

    Say no!

    What a bunch of lies. Almost doing anything just to run the money of your investors. 

  • Aniraddha Kaur

    4 months ago


    This is exactly how far the fraudsters are willing to go to get investors to bite.