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Gastery is the eWaiter v2.0, next evolutionary stage development of the project. New conception, updated strategy and ambition goals. Gastery is a food-tech startup designed to automate interaction of restaurants and their visitors. Platform is based on the geolocation, blockchain technology & smart contracts, and use of QR codes. The value of this project for the HoReCa industry is to improve quality and speed of service as well as to raise income of catering facilities.



Gastery (WTR) Reviews (17)

  • Harini Patel

    4 months ago


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  • Rishika Jaiteley

    4 months ago


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  • Sanvi Das

    4 months ago

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  • Saanvi Shah

    4 months ago


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  • Dhruv Malhotra

    4 months ago

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