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About GRYisPower (GRY) Scam ICO

GRYisPower is revolutionary ICO where you can get tokenized wind turbine energy. Maybe it’s a little bit similar to other ico which offering tokenized energy but no one has OWN power source. This ICO plan is to BUILD OWN WIND TURBINES AND GET ENERGY STRAIGHT FROM THEM. 40% of this energy become tokenized energy and you can get it with GRY Tokens. Don’t think about the risk of this project. As soon as wind turbines are built, the wings will start spin.



GRYisPower (GRY) Reviews (11)

  • Ayaan Dutta

    4 months ago


    👉👌 scam

  • Navya Yadav

    4 months ago


    I don't give a shit on the ‼️ scam ‼️ 

  • Ananya Mehra

    4 months ago

    Post Office

    They are trying to hack into people's accounts and steal their data.

  • Ajay Shah

    4 months ago


    I want to warn against losing money. the project does not pay money and silent support

  • Chirag Naydu

    4 months ago


    Every day the names change