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Mass adoption of cryptocurrency is hindered by two problems: (1) the extreme crypto-market volatility and (2) the lack of high-quality software. The Rubius ICO seeks to solve these two problems. They’re developing a payment app named Aryl, which has a unique Volatility Shield feature that enables users to avoid market volatility when using cryptocurrency. The company behind the Rubius ICO, Rubius Inc., is a blockchain software company focused on creating high-quality cryptocurrency products, services, and solutions. Aside from Aryl, they will be developing a cryptocurrency exchange called Rubiex, merchant tools (i.e. payment gateways, point-of-sale software, etc), a unique blockchain platform, and many more products outlined in the Rubius whitepaper. All of their products are powered by the Rubius protocol, a token-based payment network operating on the Ethereum blockchain. At the heart of the Rubius protocol is the cryptocurrency called RUBY, which are ERC20 coins offered in the ICO



Rubius (RUBY) Reviews (12)

  • Aarav Sengupta

    4 months ago


    Get lost,scam

  • Surabhi Gupta

    4 months ago

    Im and im

    it's a scam anyway

  • Ankita Rao

    4 months ago


    As time shows, if a fraud is not detected immediately, it will soon be detected.

  • Sai Venkatesan

    4 months ago


    All of them are involved in various social networks.

  • Wally Debdan

    4 months ago


    Scam -Let's hope they answer for everything. -scam